How to Paint Old Furniture like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide

How to Paint Old Furniture like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide

In this Blog Post I’m sharing what you need to start your first furniture makeover!


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What your need:



CLEANING: Cleaning your furniture is the most important step to ensure a flawless and professional finish. My favorite cleaning supply is a good degreaser that will remove dirt and grime without damaging the surface. Add DEGREASER


SANDING: It all depends on the paint you’re using and the furniture your painting. I personally like to use a paint that requires less prep and working time. The paint I use will offer you a professional look without sanding or priming. If you're painting your piece one color, all you need is a Sanding Sponge to Scuff Sand, lightly remove nicks and dings. If you need to sand a flat surface to raw wood, my favorite tool is an Orbital Sander with a dust collector. Add Orbital Sander  Add Sanding  Sponge


PAINT: This paint offers great coverage, if you’re painting dark brown to black, one coat will do the job when using a sprayer. This is a durable paint that will offer you a professional look with minimal prep. No sanding, priming, or top coating needed. Add Paint


SPRAYER: This sprayer is a great tool for beginners to achieve a professional finish. It was easy to use and it made my painting experience enjoyable. The paint above is thick and offers great coverage. You need to thing out the paint by adding water and adjust the nozzle so the paint won’t get clogged. I added ¼ Cup of Water to 1 pint (16oz) of Paint.


STAIN: if you want to achieve an Organic Modern look, partially staining your piece will do the trick. The Stain I used on the drawers has a natural look. Add Pre-Stain  Add Stain


PULLS: adding new pulls to your drawers is a game changer. It gives character making your piece truly unique and beautiful. Add pulls and knobs


LINERS: It’s so satisfying to see your newly painted furniture with a beautifully designed liner. I use Peel and Stick to cover the inside of the drawer because it’s PVC free, Odor free, and durable! I cut all 3 liners from a  24” x 12” Swatch, If you have a bigger area to cover you can chose different panel lengths. Add Peel and Stick

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Wow, amazing how this article really opened my eyes on how to take other people’s Trash and turn it into GOLD$$$ Thank you for taking the time to show me not only the Step by Step processes, but also Thank you for the Helpful Links to your products that you used so I can replicate your Success. Thank you for this and Please keep these article and new videos coming. I can’t wait to see your New Project!!! DP

David Plante

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