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Commercial License for Surface Pattern Non-Exclusive - 1 Year

Commercial License for Surface Pattern Non-Exclusive - 1 Year


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Unlock the potential of our stunning surface pattern designs with a Non-Exclusive Commercial License for 1 year! Perfect for businesses and creatives, this license allows you to incorporate our design into one category of end products to be sold commercially. Elevate your product offerings with unique and eye-catching designs from Trendy Creation Prints.


License Type: Non-Exclusive Commercial License
Duration: 1 Year from the date of purchase
Usage: For 1 Category


• COMMERCIAL USE: Use the design on one category of end products (e.g., apparel, home decor, stationery, etc.).
• PRODUCTION AND SALE: Manufacture and sell end products featuring the design within the specified category.
• MARKETING AND PROMOTION: Use the design in marketing and promotional materials related to the end products.


• NO RESALE OR DISTRIBUTION: Do not resell, distribute, or sublicense the design files as standalone products.
• NO OWNERSHIP CLAIM: Do not claim ownership of the design.
• NO MODIFICATION: Do not modify, alter, or create derivative works of the design, except as necessary for incorporating it into the permitted end products.
• SINGLE CATEGORY USE: Do not use the design across multiple product categories unless you have purchased those categories.
• DO NOT SHARE: Do not share the digital file design in any way other than what’s permitted under this agreement.
• LIABILITY: You shall not hold Trendy Creation Prints liable in any form for the misuse of the design and issues on manufacturing or printing of the design.
• DIGITAL SALES: You are not allowed to sell any digital version of the designs, whether modified or unmodified.


• No Returns, Exchanges, or Cancellations: Due to the nature of digital products, all sales of Non-Exclusive Commercial Licenses are final. No returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted after purchase.

• Delivery: This is not a physical product. The Design files will be delivered via email within 24-48 hours after payment has been confirmed.

• Ownership: Trendy Creation Prints retains all copyright and ownership rights to the design.


1. Select the Design: Browse our collection and choose the design you want to license.
2. Select Category: add the category the design will be used for.
3. Purchase the License: Add the Non-Exclusive Commercial License to your cart and proceed to checkout.
4. Receive Your Files: After payment confirmation, you will receive an email with the design files within 24-48 hours.

PROOF OF LICENSE: Retaining your receipt or order number is essential as it serves as proof of your licensing rights under this agreement.

LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Adhering to these terms is crucial to avoid legal issues or potential revocation of the license.


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Size 12x12 Inches 300 ppi
1 Year Non-Exclusive
Commercial License

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