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Furniture Artist DIY Planner for 2024 Light

Furniture Artist DIY Planner for 2024 Light


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Keep all of your favorite DIY projects at your fingertips with this custom planner. Custom Designed with sections to help you plan, track, and execute your projects efficiently.

What's on the Planner?

✍️INSPIRATION: Write on your Inspiration Section to help you visualize your ideas. You can draw your idea, put a picture or add a color you’re inspired by!

You can stay on top of what you need, cost, and tips all in one page.

⏳GOALS + TIMEFRAME: Stay focus on your DIY goals and the timeframe of your project!

📖PROJECT: Project breakdown to help you document how much time you spent on each Step!

📆PLAN: Undated weeks to pick the best days to complete your tasks and a 2024 calendar!


Glossy Finish
DIY Planner
8.25 x 0.49 x 11 inches
Undated Weekly
Open Monthly 2024 Calendar
124 Pages

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